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Atlas Saffron Company started its activity in the field of production and sale of export saffron in 1996. Since then, we have rapidly increased our reputation for providing the best and highest quality saffron available. We buy our products directly from the best manufacturers in the world. We have a long history of very successful growing exports to the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Dubai from the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Morocco, Colombia, South Africa, Italy and the United States.

Types of saffron exported by Atlas Company

Our first-class export saffrons, which have the highest degree of purity of color, aroma and taste, are fresh and fragrant and include Negin Pushal saffron, Sargol saffron, Pushal saffron and category saffron.

Packing and sending saffron

Our saffron is carefully inspected by the staff and weighed by very precise sterilized scales, sealed and vacuumed, and then boxed and sheared. Atlas Company will place your orders on time wherever you are in the world. Makes available to you. We pack and send your orders according to your taste in very beautiful packages of 5 g to 50 kg. We do our packaging using advanced quality control technology and modern machines.

Online sales unit

In order to expedite the registration of orders and follow up and send products, our online sales unit is available to you with the export consultants. Also in the field of international trade, infrastructures such as international accounts to accelerate and facilitate financial transfers, cooperation with reputable international inspection companies, cooperation with capable and reputable domestic and international transportation companies, creation A powerful and creative sales structure that specializes in using modern technologies has been used.

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Why Atlas Saffron?


Atlas Saffron has several years of experience in selling all kinds of Saffron.


Customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of our collection in relation to customers.


A good price cannot be the only effective parameter in a contract and other services are effective.


The products in our collection are of high quality, so that the customer is highly satisfied.


Our experienced sales team is ready to answer your specialized questions Dear customers.


Our support team is ready 24 hours a day to answer your questions, problems and criticisms regarding products.